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    Peter Parker and the Dream Walkers 2ND Edition

    When you are sleeping Do you dream? Or are you dream walking? What if while sleeping you dreamed you were fighting a race of dog head people, and you won the ba...

    Books - Magazines - Angier, NC
    18 Nov

    Survyve Daylight's Doom Fantasy Fiction Paperback, English 2014

    You will be pulled into hidden world through the eyes of many different kinds of individuals. In this epic story, good versus evil is an understatement. This st...

    Books - Magazines - Amelia Island, FL
    04 Nov

    Paperback Books Hardcover Books Fiction Non Fiction Most Genres: Good to Near Mint

    Paperback Books Hardcover Books Fiction Non Fiction Most Genres: Good to Near Mint Fiction and Non Fiction Various Genres: Science Fiction Fantasy Horror Health...

    Books - Magazines - Rockville Centre, NY
    23 Jul

    GREAT DEAL! Pride of Love fictional story 2 for 1 hard and softcover

    The story was published early June. The books are brand new. Save big here. Literature&Fiction, competory. Quick summary, Jesse Coleman (25yrs) is a victim of a...

    Books - Magazines - Midlothian, IL
    14 Jul

    Huge book sale

    Huge Book Sale!!! April 7,2014 Freetown Historical Museum, 1 Slab Bridge Rd. Assonet, Ma April 7, 2014 11am-3pm Find your favorite authors. All types: Fiction, ...

    Books - Magazines - Weymouth, MA
    28 Mar

    Welcome To My Double Life: The Story of Ned & Madison

    It's a new book by Richard Wyatt, one of the most talented writers of our time. It's a story with romance, comedy, drama, science fiction/fantasy all rolled up ...

    Books - Magazines - Hemet, CA
    03 May

    200+ Book Sale - Thursday, April 18th (most priced $5 or $10)

    Thursday, April 18th from 10 AM - 9 PM Rosslyn (three blocks from the metro w/ some free parking in bldg and street) 200 used books for sale -about half the boo...

    Books - Magazines - Arlington, VA
    15 Apr

    Feel about throwing away old picture books any age any language?

    Donate them to not for profit book club volunteering with underprivileged children in Putnam, Dutchess and Fairfield. Children's picture books - teen fiction. S...

    Books - Magazines - Brewster, NY
    09 Apr

    Many rare 1st editions, great condition, leftover stock from Internet vendor

    Will send photos, listings to interested parties, many rare books, fiction & non-fiction, hardcover & paperback, condition very good or better. Looking for one ...

    Books - Magazines - Monroe, MI
    30 Mar

    Find Books Online

    We have eBooks on all topics educational , business, health, parenting, families, entertainment, fiction, arts. Come see if we have what your looking for. Can d...

    Books - Magazines - New York, NY
    29 Mar

    Gigantic book sale

    BOOK SALE - Gigantic book sale – New and used books including fiction, non-fiction, and travel. Some rare and collectible. Prices from $1.00 Call to arrange vie...

    Books - Magazines - Thousand Oaks, CA
    24 Feb

    A Beautiful Love PDF fiction eBook $9.99

    Want to read a powerful love story? Be prepared to laugh and cry as you read this amazing love story. It has wit, humor and a story to give you an emotional wor...

    Books - Magazines - Gainesville, FL
    21 Feb

    The Swiss Guard

    Multi-genre author Joel Goulet's several novels are available at Barnes & Noble (nook) and (kindle) and directly from the publisher,

    Books - Magazines - High Point, NC
    13 Feb

    The Swiss Guard

    Multi-genre author Joel Goulet's several novels are available at Barnes & Noble (nook) and (kindle) and directly from the publisher,

    Books - Magazines - High Point, NC
    02 Feb

    over 100000 e-books just $999

    al kind of e-books are available like fiction, nonfiction, poetry, prose, computer, complete collection of cambridge and oxford university press. for further in...

    Books - Magazines - Washington DC, DC
    09 Dec

    Kindle Freebie!!!! 12/1-12/2

    "Perdu" --the first novella in the science fiction and fantasy series, Redire de Vampyrus... "I hope it was as good for you as it was for me." Ruth and Eugene F...

    Books - Magazines - New York, NY
    01 Dec

    As a Grain of Mustard Seed

    If you had "faith as a grain of mustard seed" what could you do? A fictional "case study" of the practical application of Wallace D. Wattles' scientific princip...

    Books - Magazines - Los Angeles, CA
    20 Oct

    Parents/ Teachers-Looking for inexpensive novels for grades 4-8?

    I have retired after 34 years of teaching gifted students. I am selling my vast collection of children's books - both fiction and non-fiction. There are too man...

    Books - Magazines - Mount Prospect, IL
    06 Oct

    A World Of poetry


    Books - Magazines - Sacramento, CA
    05 Oct

    BEYOND THE SECRET DOOR - New Book for Children &Teens

    This is somewhat of a The silver Chair/ The lion The Witch And The Ward Robe type of fairy tale adventure story for all ages. It was written for children and te...

    Books - Magazines - Mexico, ME
    01 Oct

    Mr. Jennifer - A Cowboy’s Journey

    Mr. Jennifer - A Cowboy’s Journey This story is a look at how girls cope in a male dominated society. This book is about a middle aged Cattle Wrangler in the sm...

    Books - Magazines - Tulsa, OK
    22 Sep

    A Beautiful Love (fiction novel) $9.99

    Would you like to read sweet and adorable love story? How a bout the novel “A Beautiful Love” by Roklon Hummerz.This inspirational love story has drama, wit, an...

    Books - Magazines - West Palm Beach, FL
    04 Sep

    Mr. Jennifer - A Fictional Reality

    Mr. Jennifer - A Fictional Reality This story is a look at how girls endure gender stereotyping in a male dominated society. A great fictional book based on rea...

    Books - Magazines - Gilroy, CA
    01 Sep

    Literary Romp for $5.00!

    UNDERLYING NOTES by Eva Pasco (238 pgs): Fiction with Conviction for Discerning Women! Surge along the Atlantic seaboard to embark on a midlife journey with far...

    Books - Magazines - Boomer, NC
    01 Sep

    Enlightened By A.D. Spencer, Hot New Supernatural Fiction! Read over 60 % FREE

    "Teen girls tired of the passive Bella of the Twilight series will be thrilled that Baylie is an active sleuth who ends up saving Tyler. The mystery and romance...

    Books - Magazines - San Diego, CA
    24 Aug

    New Bern Author's Latest Book

    Have you ever wondered how to get the promises contained in the Word of God operating in your life? Are you tired of settling for mediocrity and longing for a d...

    Books - Magazines - New Bern, NC
    20 Aug

    Mr. Jennifer - A Cowboy’s Journey

    Mr. Jennifer - A Cowboy’s Journey This book is about a middle aged Cattle Wrangler in the small town of Vinita, Oklahoma. The main character is bounced through ...

    Books - Magazines - Tulsa, OK
    12 Aug

    Mr. Jennifer - A New Book for Women

    Mr. Jennifer - A New Book for Women This story is a look at how girls deal with the stereotyping they endure in a male dominated society. A great fictional book...

    Books - Magazines - New York, NY
    20 Jul

    Get a Copy of Mike Evan's Newest Book "Seven Days"

    When you send your gift of $30 or more, we will send you a paperback copy and an electronic copy of my newest book Seven Days. This thriller describes the event...

    Books - Magazines - Phoenix, AZ
    16 Jul

    SPLIT SOULS - The Ressurrection

    ATTENTION ALL BOOK LOVERS! Here is your opportunity to not only help an amateur writer and be recognized in the book…but every book purchased provides a free bo...

    Books - Magazines - Wooster, OH
    19 Jun

    Box Girls/ author JoRuu

    Box Girls is a mystery and historical fiction. It is the story of two feisty old ladies that love to explore the many mysteries that surround their lives. Their...

    Books - Magazines - Detroit, MI
    18 Jun

    Deathworld II by Adventure Comics (Malibu) - Harry Harrison & John Holland

    Deathworld #1-4, by Adventure Comics. Adaptation of the classic science fiction novel by Harry Harrison. All issues VF or better condition, bagged and boarded. ...

    Books - Magazines - Williamstown, NJ
    31 May

    New fiction - a must read! Stories that "startle with their sudden uncompromising insight"

    Petty Offenses and Crimes of the Heart, the new short story collection from Mitchell Waldman, has been receiving great reviews, such as Midwest Book Review's st...

    Books - Magazines - Boston, MA
    25 May

    Night of the Transition by Kobina Fynn

    This is a newly-released fictional novel that can have a profound effect on the way you see yourself and the world. Please check for it from Barnes and Nobles w...

    Books - Magazines - Manhattan, NY
    08 May

    Star Wars Episode 1 The Phantom Menace audio book

    Star Wars Episode 1 The Phantom Menace audio cassettes by Terry Brooks, read by Michael Cumpsty 0375406352 audio book, Science Fiction Random House Condition: u...

    Books - Magazines - Morrisville, PA
    19 Apr

    Need a Good Book "Druid Dreams and Other Stories" at

    Druid Dreams and Other Stories by Alfred Taylor is a collection of short stories with enchanting characters, well developed plots, and creative settings. The an...

    Books - Magazines - Kissimmee, FL
    16 Apr

    Alaska's Magnificent Parklands by Tom Melham Hardcover Book

    Alaska’s Magnificent Parklands by Tom Melham 0870444425 Hardcover, 199pp, Non-fiction, Nature National Geographic Society, 1984 Condition: used, good condition ...

    Books - Magazines - Morrisville, PA
    05 Apr

    The Real Creeps by DK. Harris (book/journal)

    Creepy stories and true tales. The collection describes real haunts and odd events that occurred over the years. There are stories that originated in the Irving...

    Books - Magazines - Indianapolis, IN
    08 Nov

    Short-Tale inèdict Fiction, Suspense and Horror

    Fiction, Suspense and Horror, Short-Tale inèdict. To produce movie or t.v. series..! 100% commercial beat..!, Nothing about seen in actual movies, has similitud...

    Books - Magazines - Miami, FL
    15 Oct

    America Alone Said No! Must Read For Republicans, Democrats and Tea Party.

    New Political Thriller, "America Alone Said No !" A must read for all Politicians, Tea Party Member s... No matter how I played games, the identities of the men...

    Books - Magazines - Houston, TX
    20 Sep

    Collectible and useable booklets, magazine, encyclopedia and paper back sales book

    1964 Edition of The World Book Encyclopedia (The older versions are better than the newer versions - simpler and more truth.) $15 1948 Edition of Action, How To...

    Books - Magazines - Los Angeles, CA
    30 Aug

    The Rabbit King: Kingdom Leporidae

    Now Available! The Rabbit King: Kingdom Leporidae The story of The Orphan Hare . . . who became king! Be sure to check out my new illustrated story book: The Ra...

    Books - Magazines - Saint Paul, MN
    16 Jun

    North American Game Animals by Byron W Dalrymple

    Illustrated by Douglas Allen with 30 full color paintings and 55 line drawings This book is about the lives of game animals of North America. It tells about whe...

    Books - Magazines - Rose, OK
    18 May

    Southdale Library Friends' Book Sale

    7001 York Ave. S. 5/20-21, 10-5; 5/22 noon to 4 (Bag Sale.) Fabulous selection of books for kids and adults. Fiction, non-fiction, sports, humor, self-help, rel...

    Books - Magazines - Edina, MN
    13 May

    ++++++++++++++12 NON-FICTION BOOKS FOR SALE++++++++++++++

    NON FICTION BOOKS FOR SALE PLEASE READ FIRST: 1. I have given you the list price as well as the price I am selling it so that you can compare the prices. The li...

    Books - Magazines - New York, NY
    30 Apr

    Hundreds of books for free

    90-100 shelf feet of books, free to whoever will take them. You must take all. Mostly hardcover, non-fiction in very good condition. I am the original owner. Pl...

    Books - Magazines - Meriden, CT
    25 Apr

    The Feather Keeper

    Synopsis: (Novel-Fiction) John Two-Feather and his cousins, Samuel and Joseph King, are the grandsons of Navajo singer and medicine man John King. As boys growi...

    Books - Magazines - Albuquerque, NM
    20 Apr

    The Adventures of Jay & the Mountain Lion

    The Adventures & Jay & the Mountain Lion Children Book is a very great book for all ages. It will teach your children how to have courage, faith, in the Lord du...

    Books - Magazines - New York, NY
    25 Mar

    Death Lands By James Axler Lot of 11 pbs Science Fiction Books

    James Axler Death Lands Lot of 11Paperback Books Gold Egale Books Science Fiction Series Death Lands Salvation Road 2002 Cannibal Moon 2007 Crucible of Time 199...

    Books - Magazines - Rose, OK
    16 Mar

    Fictional Books For Sale

    $1 each or take all for $50.00 Call Tina 912-653-2656/912-675-8401

    Books - Magazines - Savannah, GA
    31 Jan
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